Situations Situations opens up the potential for artists to make extraordinary ideas happen in unusual and unexpected places, inspiring audiences and participants to explore new horizons. Our work is guided by our core values: the arts have the capacity to change and enrich how we see, and act in, the world; artists should be trusted and supported to experiment and innovate; and spaces outside conventional arts venues offer rich and rewarding contexts in which this can happen. As a leader in public art, we also seek to improve the conditions, and skills, for producing dynamic new forms of public art worldwide.

Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Road

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Family friendly

This autumn we will be hosting the Art Weekender: Bristol & Bath. A three day celebration of all the visual arts on offer across the two cities. We are inviting art lovers large and small to come and explore more. The Weekender will feature lots of different venues, activities, exhibitions and inspirations.


Accessibility will depend on the host venue some will have better access than others. Please check the Art Weekender website for details. 

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